10 Must Have Craft Supplies

Craftwork is about patience, creativity and most importantly perfection (your own sort of achievement). To achieve all of the above, you need little or big items known as Craft Supplies to make whatever you call art whether it is a pillow cover, a wall hanging, flowers etc. Some people actually find it comforting to go to craft stores to restock their craft supplies now and then using the B&Q voucher codes for good discounts. So, here is a detailed list of 10 Must Have Craft Supplies: –

Hot Glue/ Glue Gun:

Every person who is interested in making and breaking stuff for the sake of creating art definitely has this one craft supply. Glue Gun helps in instantly sticking everything whether it is a rope or a stick. Hot Glue is glue coming out of the gun; it is very much accessible and fun to use.

Craft Ruler:

How can a crafter overlook measurements especially when he or she knows that it is their perfection that creates art? So, craft ruler is a must supply which often comes in a set of cutting surface and rotary cutter. A craft ruler from the best brand can give you correct measurements.

Acrylic Paints:

Craft and painting walk hand in hand, because without some paint or rather color how do you create art? So, every craft supplies list includes Acrylic Paints, which are very easy to use and are very much affordable. Right from painting canvas drawings to painting woods, you can use it wherever you want to.

Paint Brushes:

How do you fill in the colors when you aren’t carrying the right size of paint brushes? Paint Brushes from all shapes and sizes are the next craft supplies that every crafter must have in their possession. Don’t forget to wash it with warm water every time after use, if you want it to last long.

Spray Paint:

Not many know, but instead of buying paint every time you have a door to paint or wall art to make, the best thing to stock up from craft supplies are Spray Paints. You can use it on picture frames, wooden chairs, and even walls of your garage to give a new look.


Now one might think who counts scissors? They are anyway available at every household. But no, crafter has their own special scissors dedicated for all sorts of craft work be it cutting paper, embroidery, fabric etc. Also, the same scissor isn’t supposed to be used for any other work or chore other than craft work.

Yarn/Embroidery Floss:

Yarn & Embroidery Floss have always been a part of many craft projects, and if you are really into decorating, weaving, embroidering, etc. then you must have these craft supplies. You can buy it from anywhere and keep it stock as they are very much accessible. There are a whole lot of things that you can make out of yarns and embroidery floss right from tassel earrings to wall hangings etc.

Pins & Needles:

Your crafting arsenal must include these supplies that are Pins & Needles. One helps in putting up with all the craft work you have created while the second supply helps in making the craft that you want to create. Pins are available in different type right for smaller items to larger ones. Needles, on the other hand, vary for items to items.


You must include Tape in your craft supplies because it is a must at home. Not only does it help in holding things together, but it also adds life to little things. Most importantly, the double-sided tapes are more like a blessing for the craft world.

Stencils that include Pens, Pencils, and Markers:

The right set of pencils, colorful markers, and pens are the basic, yet the most fruitful craft supplies that you ought to have. Right from sketching beautiful pictures to drawing colorful words and quotes for your wall, you can do it with all.

These things make up for the best craft supplies, with the help of these you can make or break anything and then remake it. These are like life savior to those who find craft comforting. So next time when you walk by a craft store you will now know what to buy, and what is still left to stock. You can use these craft supplies to make little surprises for your loved ones whenever you want to.

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