5 Useful Hacks for Slime Makers

Slime seems to have taken over the internet with a storm. The number of slime photos and videos being uploaded on social networking channels is just mind boggling. In fact, a running joke around many countries is that the shops are running out of glue because everyone is making slime!

Who would have thought that the gooey and stretchy ball of mess would catch everyone’s imagine? Who would have imagined that this ball of sparkles and fluff and goo would turn out to be therapeutic for the stress ridden people?

A few years back hardly anybody would have thought of how to make slime. But now, people are looking for more ways to stretch and fold and poke into a ball of slime.

Research shows that slime provides ASMR relief to people. The poking and prodding into slime makes a person feel different sensations that are therapeutic in nature. These sensations are often missing in our smartphone driven lives and hence slime becomes a way to experience the missing and enjoy it.

Slime is also known to foster creativity in kids because it teaches them to try different things and play around with colours to come up with different combinations.

There are different ways to make slime. You can either try a homemade recipe or you can simply buy a slime making kit and start with that. Whatever way you choose to go, here are some simple hacks to make your slime more wonderful.

Make Your Slime Fluffy

Some people like to have their slime fluffy or airy. If you are one of them, then this tip is for you. When making slime add some shaving cream to the glue and stir it properly. The shaving cream should be added before you add the borax solution. This will make your slime fluffy.

If you have played with it for a while and intend to store it for some time, then break the slime into half. The small holes inside the slime will keep it fluffy till the next time you take it out and start poking it!

Make Your Slime Stretchy & Jiggly

To make your slime stretchy you can use lotion in the slime making process. Just add some lotion to the glue and mix it well. This should be done before you add borax solution. This will make your slime quite stretchy.

But if you are not satisfied with just a stretchy slime and want a one that is extremely jiggly then all you have got to do is add hand soap to the glue mixture. This ingredient will make your slime extremely jiggly.

If you add a few drops of fragrant oil to the glue mixture then you can have a fragrant slime that is stretchy and jiggly. You can use a fragrant lotion as well.

Remove Slime from Clothes

You just cannot expect the slime making process to be mess free! It is quite obvious that when making slime or even playing around with slime, you might get some parts of it sticking to your clothes. If you just try to pull it out it may leave stain marks behind. So, what you should do is soak your clothes in vinegar. After the clothes are soaked for 10 minutes take them out and very gently pull the slime out. This way you won’t have any stain marks anywhere.

Store Borax Water

A lot of people often throw out the leftover borax water after they have made their slime. Instead of throwing it out, you can store it in an empty soap dispenser. This way you can reuse it again when you are making your next set of slime.

Get the Right Glue

Glue is the most essential part of any slime making kit. However, if you are going to use a recipe to make your own slime at home then you may go wrong with selecting the right glue. A tip to use here is that you should always use a glue that comes out white from the tube and becomes transparent when it dries. This type of glue contains polyvinyl alcohol or PVA which reacts with borate under alkaline conditions and gives the slime texture.

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