How Coloring Books Help Adults with Illnesses and Other Problems

Coloring has usually related to kids and the infrequent adult who must stay with them. But, this activity recently has found another demographic. It began as a hobby now has become a trend internationally, as more coloring books for adults find themselves on more bestsellers’ list all over the world. Now, while this trend may be a great and fun way to pass the time, it is the books’ therapeutic properties that started flying off shelves.

Have therapeutic qualities

Art may not be able to cure diseases, but it is able to make managing a disease a lot better. Scientists have shown the therapeutic abilities of art over years, and today, art therapy has been used to help people express how they feel especially when what these feeling are very difficult and cannot be put into any words, such as after they have just gotten a bad health diagnosis – such as cancer.

What research shows

There is research showing that this type of therapy often has shown tangible results. One study done in 2006, found that art therapy for women suffering with cancer will help them to meaning fully reduce symptoms of physical pain as well as emotional distress while in their treatment. One other study from that year also determined that after just an hour of coloring, adult patients with cancer of all ages “overwhelmingly express comfort” and a wanted to remain with the therapy.

Music therapist

Joke Bradt, who is a music therapist at Philadelphia’s Drexel University commented to Reuters, that those people who have cancer quite often feel their bodies has been taken by cancer leaving them with no control. But when they are able to take part in a process where they create something…this in a blunt contrast to just passively submitting to cancer treatments.

Conditions helped

It is not only people who have cancer that can able to benefit from the visual arts, either. Art therapy helps among those people who are dealing with an assortment of problems, such as anxiety, depression, dementia, and PTSD.

Art therapy

Art therapy most of the time includes using a medium for a tool to aid addressing a patient’s problem specifically, but as you probably have seen in any high school art classes, some persons are a lot more creatively gifted than others. Many who judge themselves as being non-creativity might be more incline to miss out on the benefits of therapies that are art-based.

Adult coloring presents a venture that is creative without the need to have an artistic flair. One only needs to stay within the lines to get the desired effect. But, some experts advise it is this lack of artistic effort from patients that stops adult coloring from being thought of as a honest form of art therapy.


It is somewhat like the transformation between just music listening against learning to play some instrument. At least this is what Donna Betts, president of the “American Art Therapy Association” believes. She says that listening to music is one thing and everyone can do it, but when it comes to playing any type instrument takes a different set of skill. Drena Fagen who is an art therapist shares in Betts’ belief. She doesn’t believe coloring books as art therapy but consider coloring books as therapeutic but not the identical thing.


Adult coloring alone might not be considered art therapy, but that does not mean that this activity is not helpful. Many have seen people using coloring books, in class and therapy to aid with focus. Many believe that graduate school classmates bring coloring books to the classroom setting as a tool to better focus on lectures. Those who are cannot set still find coloring books help them focus on group discussions.

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