How Parents Pick a School for their Child

With the summer term approaching its end, schools all over the country will begin to tackle new pupil admissions. School administrators may want to look into data on the various factors that can affect parents’ school choice. There are often stark differences in the specific things that parents are looking for though this is dependent on factors such as their personal background.

Selecting a school is one of those times when parents decide on the things that are important to them and what really matters as far as their child’s education foes. There are those that consider this as a very important feature of the education system and a right that parent’s value significantly. It is also one way of driving the educational standards up. This is why it helps to get a good understanding of how parents choose.

They feel that they are given choices

One very important thing that parents value in terms of choosing a school is for them to feel that they have a choice. In a 2014 survey by the Department of Education, about 90{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of parents were able to get their first school choice. Of course, it should be noted that school diversity and the strong support towards the idea of getting kids sent to the most accessible state school can also counterbalance support for choice.

Local factors

Local factors are also paramount towards parents’ decision. For instance, many would consider how convenient the school location is. There are also parents who are concerned about the suitability of the school for their child. Of course, there are a lot of factors that school will not have any influence over. For instance, there is no way for the school to change its catchment zone or its location. There are also things that schools may deem important, but parents may care less about as in the case of exam results.

Communicating with parents

It is highly important for schools and school administrators to focus on updating a website or writing a prospectus in a way where the ethos of the school is properly described, according to Peter Gale Headteacher. It is important to enable parents to make an educated and informed choice on how they think the school is going to suit their children. Schools that have a strong record of behaviour and discipline are likely going to be picked more by parents too.

The effects of income

Parents with different levels of income tend to differ in their priorities in terms of schools of choice too. For instance, those that have a higher income in the household tend to prefer schools that focus on exam results, discipline, as well as the effectiveness of the senior leadership. Parents that have a lower household income tend to focus more on community links, quell-qualified teachers, as well as location. Also, it is very likely or parents that have a lower income to select a school for their child that a sibling has attended or is still attending.

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