Make a tech oriented classroom with these high tech gadgets

Some people believe that technology is getting out of our hands. But I believe that technology is bringing the things into our hands. Our every day starts with the wonders of technology and nights ends by enjoying the perks of technology. We all are 24/7 surrounded by it and still, our appetizer is not filling up. With such dominance of technology in our lives, there is nothing bad in using it in our classrooms too.

Education is the biggest beneficiary of technology. Some would say that all the technology we have right now is the brainchild of all our advancement in the education. Whatever it is, technology is now paying its debt back to education in different modes. One of the most common modes is the classroom tech gadgets which have become quite famous all around the world. Teachers and schools are trying to include more tech gadgets in the classrooms and schools so students can learn in a better environment and with much ease.

If your school administration is lacking out in using the incredible tech gadgets in the classroom and you want to make it tech-oriented, then you are the right piece of article. In the next lines, I am going to share some of the best and cheap high tech gadgets which will make your classroom a tech-oriented.


There was a time when schools used to have green boards in all classrooms. Then the projectors and white screen replaced it. But now the smartboards have become the trend in schools. Many schools and colleges are equipping their classrooms with multiple smartboards not just for the use of teachers but for the students as well. These smartboards are just like giant screens of different sizes depending on your needs with touch capability. It works like a smartphone screen with all possibilities. You can play a video on it. Magnify any image or even write something with your finger. Install one of these smartboards in your classroom and see witness the change in your students.

Free access to tablets, laptops and phones:

If your school or college administration is reluctant to spend any money on the tech gadgets, then you can still do some things to make your classroom as tech-oriented as possible in odd circumstances. One thing which you should do at the first stage is the free access to tablets, laptops and phones. In today’s modern educational world, students are compelled to do long essay writing, which is only possible on laptops with access to the internet. Encourage your students to use such devices in the classroom for educational purpose only and make their learning better.

Microscope Camera:

Having a microscope only in the classroom has gone outdated. I still remember my school days when we all have to make a cue in order to see the amoeba under the microscope, one by one. Now, some of the schools have installed microscope camera in their classroom which instead of showing the microscopic elements to students individually, can be put onto the big screen with 250x zoom. By having this tech gadget in the classroom, you can explain all the things to the students collectively instead of asking students to come one by one and waste time of the class.

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