Marketing Business School in China

Marketing a Business School in China on the internet is different from marketing a Business School anywhere else. Most of China goes to the internet for schools abroad.


Educational facilities and institutes usually don’t work well on Chinese platforms because is not looking for them. Information must be in a website in Mandarin Chinese and will not be picked up by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So, changes must be made to develop popularity and visibility on the important Chinese platforms such as Baidu (China’s Google).


The methods for a Business School need to be centered on building on the school’s e-reputation through internet search engines, advertising and marketing and optimization. Baidu is the most powerful platform in China. It truly is the biggest online search engine with 70 percent of all internet marketing carried out here. This is where it is vital to develop the school’s visibility.

Optimized for Baidu

Then there needs to be create a top quality Chinese website, optimized for Baidu and Mandarin character keyword searches. The approach for SEO rotates around enticing backlinks, references and optimizing the site with Chinese meta tags, titles and descriptions.

Long term solution

SEO is a long-term solution with the highest quality of student ‘lead’ being attracted by Baidu. SEO is about promoting the facilities website in the natural research results, where you drive the highest qualified traffic.


SEM (search engine marketing and advertising) is a powerful tool to boost the school’s existence on Baidu. A paid ad, backlinks, and banners reinforce visibility and are needed when you initially enter the industry to drive traffic to your business school’s website. A little clever strategy on Baidu unlocks the Chinese marketplace for new entrants.

Marketing Agency

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