Prepare for CMA Exam – A Growing Profession in Health care Industry

The rising demand for healthcare institutions has led people to choose medical assistance as a career opportunity, hence they prepare for CMA Exam. This profession involves clinical and administrative duties to be performed as a support to the medical work of physicians and healthcare practitioners. There is hardly any doctor who can provide complete healthcare service without seeking help from assistants. Therefore, the need for healthcare services is directly proportional to the requirement of medical assistants. Medical assistance as a career path suits well for those individuals who keep interest in serving ill people. This job demands a high degree of responsibility and discipline so as to keep up with the changing requirements of the patients. A medical assistant should be able to follow urgent instructions made by the doctors so as to provide immediate care to the patients.


Becoming a Medical Assistant vs Physician’s Assistants

We know that the healthcare industry is dominated by physicians, nurses, and other direct patient-care providers who tirelessly serve people in need, day in and day out. But how many of us are aware that there are many other forces, perhaps not as visible but equally important, that is responsible for the smooth delivery of healthcare? Medical assistants are one such force. If you prepare for the CMA exam, you are a way to go. These are the people who perform the vital administrative and clinical tasks in a healthcare facility that ensure that primary health care providers can do their job without any hassles. However, medical assistants should not be confused with physician’s assistants. These are two distinct roles, each with its own qualification criteria. Physician’s assistants usually have a degree in medicine and are qualified to assist doctors in advanced medical procedures, including surgeries, while the clinical duties of medical assistants require basic educational requirements.

Although not mandatory to secure a job, an additional certification can serve as the proof of a job candidate’s proficiency and competence as a medical assistant. Possible credentials include the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants and the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), awarded by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). The process of certification may vary from organization to organization but usually includes passing an examination.

Responsibilities to be performed by a Medical Assistant:

  • Recording symptoms and biological signs of patients including temperature, pulse, blood pressure etc.
  • Providing medications, injections as well as dressing patients, when necessary.
  • Maintaining medical records of the patients.
  • Managing medical equipment and sterilizing them.
  • Collecting and preparing specimens for laboratory testing.
  • Operating medical-related computer software
  • Billing insurance with correct diagnostic codes
  • Running EKG diagnostic tests and performing vein and capillary punctures.
  • Scheduling appointments with doctors.
  • Providing a better understanding of specific diseases and their relevant treatments to the patients.

The Different Institutions You Can Find

Addressing the growing demand of this profession, a number of institutions have started offering medical assistant training to the desired individuals. Although there are scores of institutions, finding certified medical assistant training with short program length appears to be a challenging task. In order to enroll yourself in a short-length medical assistant program, you can consider contacting some post-secondary institutions which are known for offering complete training for limited hours and weeks. To make your search easy, you can consider finding the existence of those colleges over the Internet. A few educational institutions are known to offer certified medical assistant programs as per the convenience of the candidates. Further, you can also check out the possibilities to apply online such that you are able to register your name for the desired courses from your home/office or other convenient locations.  It’s not a compulsory requirement to go to school for this profession because it is possible to receive on-the-job training; nonetheless, most employers prefer hiring applicants who have graduated from an accredited program because they’re ready to start working immediately. New programs are popping up every day, but not all of them will prepare you adequately for the job.

5 Pointers on How to Choose a Medical Assistant Program

Areas of Specialization

This profession has administrative as well as clinical duties; which is the area that you prefer? Some programs provide you with a broad education, preparing you to perform both clinical and administrative tasks, while others specialize in a specific area. While evaluating different programs, make sure that you examine their curriculums to determine if they’ll provide you with the exact type of training you seek.

Experienced Faculty

Find out who will be teaching the courses at these colleges. Ideally, your instructors will be experienced healthcare professionals who are able to share both their practical knowledge and personal experiences with you.


Choose only an accredited program. Attending a non-accredited school is risky because your diploma is less likely to be recognized by employers and you won’t be able to transfer the credits if you decide to return to school. Furthermore, students at non-accredited schools are not eligible for federal financial aid or to sit for the certification exam.

Career Placement Assistance

Finding a job right out of school, especially during an economic downturn, isn’t easy. To ensure that you’ll be able to find work immediately after completing your study program, look for colleges that offer career placement assistance and have a successful track record of helping graduates find jobs.

Hands-on Training

Check if the program offers plenty of hands-on training. Hands-on lab work, administrative training, and externships are essential components of a good program because they equip you with real-world skills and experience that come in handy on the job. A career in medical assisting is exciting, diverse, and challenging. To maximize the chances that you’ll find work upon graduation and receive the training you need to succeed in your career, make an effort to find a school that boasts the aforementioned characteristics.

By getting the medical assistant certification you can expect to be a part of the growing healthcare profession in your nation. Start collecting information about the medical assistant program and get set to pursue this rewarding course. You may solicit the services of a college advisor to find the program that best suits your requirements. Consider multiple options before you make the final decision.

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