Studying In Malaysia For Great Career Progression

Studying abroad provides a wider cultural experience to students and is a great opportunity to learn another language. There are a variety of internationally recognized colleges that provide high-quality education. Many, such as Learning Award Academy (LAA) offer courses in the English language and their qualifications are of British Standards.

Courses such as level 3 Business and Management are a great opportunity for career progression and is open to 16 years old and other persons with a high school diploma seeking to further their education. A 6-month study programme that can be followed by flexible study, but allows you to gain access to 2-year bachelor degree courses. It also opens the door for job opportunities with businesses worldwide.

There are many advantages in following a particular course programme in ATHE accredited academies in Malaysia. To obtain a qualification from an ATHE accredited academy, you will follow the same programmes as those provided in the United Kingdom

You also benefit from a personalized academic programme that fits around your work schedule and learns face-to-face with highly qualified professors but also online. There is state of the art facilities, that includes a library with a wide range of books, and also accessible via the internet to many online libraries of universities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Another advantage is that you actually pay a very affordable tuition for high-quality education to the standard of those provided in the United Kingdom, the United State, and many worldwide reputable academies. The cost of study and living in Malaysia is a lot less than in many western countries.

Regardless whether you already have a degree, this can also be a great opportunity to learn some new topic for a change of career. In just 6 months, you can have a qualification and start a brand new career in a business field of study if you initially had followed some other subject matter.

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