Teachers and Parents and Teaching Young Adults Life Skills

As parents and teachers of teenagers it is important to start teaching these young adults about life and the life skills that are needed to be successful in life. There are some parents who might also feel that this is the role of the school system.


Just so these parents know – it’s really the responsibility of both teachers and parents to teach life skills for life success for teens and pre-teens. Some teachers might bring reinforcement into the classroom and the teachers that can help are dedicated to seeing their students gain the life skills they need.

Life skills

What are life skills? These are the skills needed to be able to adapt to and have positive behavior in surviving the demands and challenges that everyday life brings into the life of every teen.The problem with parents being the teachers is that many of them have not had much of an education in life skills themselves. But there are places that parents and teachers can turn to for help in providing their young adults these skills.

Areas to have skills in

To be successful in life, young adults need to know skills such as:

  • Job readiness and how to prepare to find that job
  • How to find success on the job
  • Exploration for a career
  • Career planning

These four categories lead to other skills such as:

  • Living independently
  • Social skills
  • Life purpose
  • Skills in teamwork
  • Better communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial responsibility
  • Money Management
  • Budgets and spending

There are many scholars in the world who believe that most young adults enter the adult world with poor skills in the matter of money management and financial responsibility. These lead to almost all the problems that adults get into which shows that there is a need for teachers and parents who need to be teaching these life skills.


There is currently on the internet an organization that helps with youth learning these skills. They offer a free e-book and in-depth life course on Job, Career and Life Success for youth, and any parents or teachers who have doubts about their abilities to teach owe it to themselves and their children to go to life skills.

No one said that parents had to do this alone – there is help in preparing your children if you choose to take it.

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