To Be or Not to Be That Is the Question and the Inner Voice Has the Answer

Dissatisfaction with one’s career is a disorder that much of the U.S. workforce suffers from.

In fact, less than 50{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of the workers in the United States are happy with their job with 32{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} working at their career choice. Worse than that, 16{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of the millennial generation are totally disengaged with what they have chosen for their life’ work. I had a friend who after college graduated with a degree in computer science and math, fought for several years to fit into the workplace – mostly by choice. He decided he didn’t want to use the skills he gained in college and occupied his time with other interests.

Got married

But when he got married and began to start a family, he fitted into a position as a software developer at a digital marketing firm. He has some of the most sought-after skills set in the economy. He works in a very small office giving him some independence. The hours didn’t interfere with life outside of work. Yet, he was frustrated in that current situation.

Nature of work

In the beginning, I thought he did not enjoy the nature of his work – but he describes the challenge of needing to solve some new programming on a regular basis with enthusiasm. He seems to be motivated to master those skills, but he is missing the purpose of his work.


There is not one profession that lays the claim to meaning or satisfaction. There are those who say that our purpose is “imprinted on our souls”. Listening to that voice, we begin to get closer to work that we find satisfying. But the inner voice doesn’t tell you a step-by-step plan. All it does is offer corrections and hints.It can really be hard to hear that inner voice with competing voices like those of our parents or the society we live in.

Other people

I have chatted with many colleagues and friends whose choice of major type cast them 10 years later, even though less than half of graduates would study the same major if they could do it all over again.

So, listen quietly for that inner voice before you decide who you are and what you want to do for your career. Click here to know how to figure out what to do in life.

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