What is Kindergarden in China? 

Pre-school or kindergarden is a vital component of Chinese education. In areas that are urban, pre-school is largely kindergardens of one to three years, that can be part-time, full time, boarding or by the hour. In these same areas, pre-school education is mostly nursery and seasonal kindergardens. In the minority, remote, poor, and aging, areas besides the normal kindergarden education, there are education in many forms such as children activity centers, mobile aid centers, activity centers, game groups, and mobile service called “caravan”.


Following the process of pre-schooling education being paid for by the state, citizens and individuals have developed numerous channels in varied forms; pre-school education in China has made substantial growth. In 2015, 42,648,284 young children were enrolled in 223,683 kindergardens. Pre-school education has been made available for all middle-sized as well as big cities.

Developed rapidly

During recent years, kindergarden education in the mass of rural areas, predominantly in poor, remote, and minority areas, has rapidly developed. The kindergardens combine teaching with childcare so that children will develop physically, morally, and intellectually in a way that is coordinated to help these children in formal school education. The educational actions directed in kindergardens begin a purposeful, systematic, and multi-faceted procedure of education conducive to lively, stimulating and sound expansion of these children. With game playing as the major activities in kindergardens, a good environment should be developed to lead to education with conditions and opportunities offered to children to show and their abilities to express themselves.


To boost the supervision and management of kindergardens, the state has pronounced a series of guidelines on the regulations for the management of kindergarden and testing on the supervision of kindergarden work. The state has also framed rules and regulations regarding the qualifications of kindergarden teachers and the testing of their performance. Currently, the schools dedicated to the training of kindergarden teachers and teaching of pre-school education have made big steps in the training system of teachers and substantial changes have taken shape. For further information on the training of kindergarden teachers go to https://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/shanghai/academic/curriculum/pre-prep/

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