Body Language Tips for Interviews

Ever heard of body language? Just as you as a candidate, communicate your suitability in an interview, your body communicates too. The way people perceive, especially at your workplace, is an effect of your body language. For some, body language may be facial gestures, while for some it may be a good posture. However, it includes gestures, eye movements, body postures, and facial expressions, and the way we employ these gestures convey a lot about our personality. Since we are always engrossed with other paraphernalia while appearing for an interview, we forget about our body language. Here are some quick tips on how to exhibit a positive body language:

  • Taking deep breaths are advised by doctors as it regulates blood flow and helps us make decisions with a composed demeanor.
  • Your body language should elicit composure and confidence. Don’t be frantic and search your portfolio for papers.
  • Receptionists are often asked to observe your behavior without letting you know. Feel and be comfortable as it will form a good impression.
  • While waiting for your turn, don’t hunch your shoulders or seem closed. Keep your back straight and chest out which symbolizes confidence and assertiveness.
  • A firm right handshake with your interviewer is a sign that you are giving them respect but never cover their hand with yours as it could be perceived as a sign of domination.
  • Maintaining a regular and an optimum level of eye contact can help you establish your trustworthiness. Look away sometimes so as to not make your recruiter anxious.
  • Align your body position to that of your interviewer as it reflects an unsaid admiration and agreement.
  • Keeping your arms and legs crossed makes you appear guarded and defensive. Keep them uncrossed.
  • Smile as often as you can as it contributes to the creation of a positive environment.
  • Do not stuff your hands in your pocket or keep them halfway across the table. Find a place and place them comfortable. It displays confidence.
  • At regular intervals, nod. Nodding while listening to a conversation demonstrates interest, agreeability, and understanding.
  • Be in control of your body movements in front of the interviewer.
  • You must place your feet firmly on the ground and not leave them hanging. Restrict moving your legs often. Or if you please, cross them correctly.
  • When the interview gets over, don’t be stand up and leave instantly as it will definitely reflect your nervousness. Gather your belongings, rise, smile, and leave with a composed body language.

Apart from the above-mentioned gestures and movements, people have been observed covering their mouths while speaking, constantly fixing their hair, touching their faces too much, or constantly fiddling with something in their hands. All these gestures subsume an inbuilt insecurity, complex, or self-consciousness. Make sure to use these tips to overcome any issues while interviewing for jobs in India.

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