The interview for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) takes place only after the candidate has cleared the IAS examination. The personal interview comprises of 200 marks and is designed to assess the candidate on various grounds. Preparing for the interview is not that big a deal. However, a candidate must always be confident while entering the room for the interview!

An important thing to remember during interviews is that one must not make an attempt to boast or bluff. Being honest and direct are virtues that the interviewers truly cherish! Here are a few things that you must avoid during your IAS interview


Here is what you should know about before entering the interviewing hall:

In an interview, the non-verbal communication speaks volumes about the candidate. Make sure you don’t underestimate the power of a good body language. When you enter the interview room, ensure that you greet the interviewers with a firm handshake. Your handshake should neither be too firm or too loose. Your body language must project confidence. Smile at the interviewers and ensure that you make eye contact every time you answer their questions.

If there is more than one interviewer, make eye contact with all of them. Sit up straight during the interview and do not slouch. Ensure that you are attentive and answer the questions logically, honestly and confidently. Moreover, one must beware of negative body languages like folding your arms, crossing your legs or foot-tapping. Also, beware of distant facial expressions and a nervous or hesitant voice.

  • Do not dress incorrectly

The first impression is often the last impression! The clothes that you wear play an important role in constructing your first impression. When going for the interview, plan your dress well in advance. Go for neutral colors such as black, brown, navy or white. These are the safest colors. Women could choose between skirts or trousers. Ensure that your clothes are clean and ironed well. You must tidy yourself up and maintain your basic hygiene such as clean your fingernails; men must shave their beards. Dress extremely neat and formal and do not wear too much jewelry or makeup. Do not use aftershave or perfume excessively. You must make sure that your shoes are well polished.

  • Do not go unprepared

Preparing responses to your interview can help you to answer clearly and confidently. Prepare answers to the basic questions most interviewers tend to ask, such as, describe yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Perform SWOT analyses before your interview so that you don’t blank out when the interviewer asks you these kinds of questions. Try to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Also, try stating weaknesses that you can improvise on. Avoid speaking too fast and answer clearly and calmly.

  • The Follow-Up matters!

After an interview is over, the interviewers generally ask for a follow-up. They may end the interview by asking you whether you have any questions. If you think the interview went well and did not have any follow-up questions, you can politely get up from your seat and thank the interviewers for their time.

However, if you do have to follow up questions, make sure they aren’t the obvious questions whose information is easily available or those that have been answered in some way in the course of the interview. In most cases, one interview suffices for the interviewer to come to a decision. However, if they want to have a second interview to scrutinize you better, make sure you ask them for feedback with regards to the first interview while preparing for the second one

  • Do not go without research

This is also an important part of preparing for an interview. Conduct research on the Government organizations, your work, and responsibilities. Try to analyze the expectations from your job and gain a perspective on it. This will not only help you to ask better follow up questions but also will help you to answer accurately.

This is a guide to excelling in your IAS interview. Keep in mind these do’s and don’ts to have an interview that leaves an impact!

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