How to Earn Extra Money Writing on the Internet

I got my first book published last week – it is a children’s book. I have heard that there are ways to earn money writing for many different companies on the internet and I have tried many of them but this is what I had the most fun doing.

My cat

It was written by my cat who escape a terrible flood 2 years ago and this is about my kitten’s adventure during the flood and how she got rescued and finally got to us.

Fresh air

Often writing on the internet is not much fun but this book made me realize why I love writing in the first place. It is like a breath of fresh air after the rain has stopped.

Not much money

The only problem with writing for the internet is that money isn’t that much unless you are able to write in volume. For example, you can write in one week 30 articles of 350 words each about many differentsubjects and you might earn $50 for that week. If you have ever written much you know that 30 x 350 words equals over 10,000 words so it is a lot of work. If you are planning to make a living writing for the internet perhaps you need to think of some way to make your writing pay you more.

Subject matter

Some articles involve a lot of research of the subject matter especially when it is a subject that you know very little about.


You usually need to find someone to work for because they are the ones that find the clients and the assignments. They also proofread and edit your articles and are also there to ask any questions a writer might have for the client. But the positive side is that many are more comfortable with an editor to help make their article better with correct grammar. There are 10 Popular Writing Companies that are excellent for people to work for. If you want to pursue a career in writing, then there are companies where you will further your education. Do a Google search and you will find many companies to think about working for.

Other opportunities

There are many websites that do need content written for their websites or blog. Other opportunities can be found with writing articles for travel magazines. One of these is a magazine that a name brand airline makes available for passengers to read and they accept articles on traveling and other subjects from freelance writers.

But don’t give up – writing for anyone on any subject is a joy.

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