Importance of CBSE Sample Papers

One best way to prepare for the CBSE exam is by studying from CBSE sample papers. CBSE sample papers are just like mock exams and the paper is set by a team of expert teachers of CBSE and NCERT. Each year these sample papers are issued months before the final exam as the students will require them to prepare well for the exam.

Below are the importance of practicing CBSE sample papers for class 9 and 10 students.

Question Paper:

By solving CBSE sample papers you get an idea about the question paper pattern. The various types of questions such as multiple choice questions, long answer type, short answer type, fill in the blanks, true or false, etc. are all included in the sample papers. Also, you will get to know the areas that you are weak and on which chapters you should focus more. Knowing the marking scheme students will prepare by focusing on topics with more weight-age.

Exam Execution:

Now that you are aware of your strong and weak areas in different subjects, you will be able to prioritize the questions to attempt in the exam. Also, you will have a clear idea about which type of questions should be answered first. You might be comfortable to begin by answering the short answer type questions and end with long answers or vice versa. The choice is all yours based on your convenience.


By constant practice of solving sample papers, you analyze the time taken to answer various questions. Time is taken to write short answers/ long answers, drawing a neatly labeled diagram, deriving a formula, to prove a theorem, etc. can be divided accordingly and you can complete your exam.

Revise and analyze:

Your exam preparation is said to be complete only after your revision phase. Revision plays an important role in your exam preparation and helps you become thorough with the concepts of the subject. Make sure you finish your first round of study weeks before the exam. Students of class 10 preparing for board exam should be well prepared with CBSE sample paper for class 10 and they must take up the mock exam, solve model papers,  previous year question papers to become thorough with the topics. This will make them realize how well they are prepared for the exam and concentrate on the weaker areas if required.

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