Importance of Learning Chinese Languages and Cultures for Business Travelers

With increasing globalization, along with the world’s economy, there are changes that businesses and individuals need to learn. For individuals to have any type of success in business, learning the language and the culture of another country is very important. Learning a different language helps with becoming familiar with how the markets operate. Being able to speak Chinese and know more about the Chinese culture will give you the edge over others in the business world.

Business etiquette

The business etiquette as well as the culture in Chinese is so very different from the western world –especially English language. The better you know the Chinese language the more you will be relaxed and can focus on building success. Chinese people spend time judging character’s worthiness to conduct business by spending time in chatting about likes and hobbies. They also spend time with discussing business matters outside of business while eating and drinking. But it is advised that you should not get drunk – might offend someone!

Important business etiquette

One thing in business etiquette is learning how to give out name cards. These are like business cards but are more than just a handshake; it is the way the Chinese formally introduce themselves to others. When giving out your business card, you use both hands and bow slightly is a show of politeness and humility and using one hand is considered rude.

Important to learn the culture

With Chinese business expecting to grow significantly the revenue for many U.S. companies, it makes sense that U.S. business travelers learn the proper etiquette by taking classes through your business or spending time talking with others in your company that have developed the business in China. They have learned some of the language and the business etiquette and can be a great resource for you.

Find a teacher

For beginners, it is advised to start opening your horizon with the help of someone who is a professional teacher. It is also important to build up your language foundation. For Chinese, it is important that you have a clear understanding of it’s:

  • Structure
  • Basic grammar
  • Pronunciation

When you are on the internet searching for those who can best help you, you will notice that Chinese and Mandarin are both used interchangeably. Mandarin is a form of the Chinese language and there are few differences between the two.

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