Information on the Top Medical Schools in the Caribbean Including Windsor

To rank of the top medical schools in the Caribbean is determined on the base of the following measures, from most in important to least in important:

  • Rate of drop-out
  • Availability of rotations
  • Tuition
  • Class size

Rate of Drop-out

The medical schools in the Caribbean drop-out rate include:

  1. George up to 10{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}
  2. AUC up to 13{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}
  3. Saba up to 40{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}-50{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}
  4. Ross up to 40{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}-50{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc}

Price of Education

Tuition is the 3rd most important criteria. The tuitions for the top Caribbean medical school are listed as:

  • George Med School – $230,000
  • AUC Med School – $170,000
  • Saba Med School – $110,000
  • Ross Med School – $180,000

So, using the above criteria the Caribbean medical schools are ranked from best to last are:

  1. George Med School
  2. AUC Med School
  3. Saba Med School
  4. Ross Med School

St. George is the most expensive, but it also takes full advantage of the chances for you to get an MD degree. It is the lowest rate of attrition and provides the best path through clinical rotations.

Windsor University School of Medicine

Windsor University stands out, thanks to its affordability and academic environment that has been made to welcome international students of varied cultures. Windsor has achieved and successfully maintained this environment of multiculturalism for more than 10 years. It was founded in 1998 on the St. Kitts Island; Windsor University School of Medicine offers a well-rounded medical education.

Further information

Leads for Windsor School of Medicine are mostly obtained through their marketing team. This team targets the United States and Canada College graduates. In order to be part of the future in this school, students need to fill out an admissions form. Once the admission happens, they are good to start classes. Completing the basic sciences, then passing the US MLE exam, students then start clinical rotations, and upon graduate get into residency. They primarily deal with clinical students in their third and fourth years.

Fees for one semester

Tuition Fee – $3,990 $ 3,990.00
Administrative Fee – $100 $ 100.00
Student Government Fee – $50 $ 50.00
Health Insurance Fee- $150 $ 150.00
Semester Ending Exam Fee – $100 $ 100.00
Transportation Fee** (optional) – $150 $ 150.00
Total $4540 per semester




$ 4540.00

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