Learning Spanish online with 121Spanish

As the Latin-speaking population of the United States continues to grow, soon to eclipse the English-speaking population, learning at least some Spanish becomes more and more important. This is particularly valid on the off chance that you are an expert.

But as a busy professional you have little time free for attending classes amongst all your other commitments. Going abroad to learn Spanish is a distant dream, and attending local classes is problematic when you have busy periods or your schedule changes. That is why learning Spanish online with 121Spanish is the ideal solution for those looking to advance their language skills.

Learning Spanish online with 121Spanish puts you in control of your learning, with its own booking system that allows you to schedule your classes whenever you like, cancel and re-book them if something comes, and do as many or as few classes as you prefer in any given time period.

Classes are offered with live native-speaking teachers from a variety of Latin countries and Spain. They are all professional and qualified teachers who take pride in their language and their ability to work with students from 5 years old and upwards, and at all skill levels. Generally, students take one hour once or twice per week at suitable times. Teachers can assign additional homework and make recommendations for additional online learning materials to leverage the student’s time with their live teacher.

While some students take online Spanish classes with the same teacher for a period of years, others may choose to change teachers every month or so, or even to take classes with two or more different teachers at the same time. The system is flexible and students can set their own pace and study pattern. Each teacher brings a different perspective to learning Spanish, with a different culture, accent, and speaking style, that all help to develop a broad understanding of Spanish as it is spoken by Latin people.

For those who are seeking to learn Spanish for specific purposes, teachers can introduce vocabulary and other materials relevant to a wide range of disciplines, from law to medicine, sport to cuisine. Teachers can also help students to prepare for language exams in their field, using past papers and sample exams to prepare students for the live exam.

With a free trial class available for any prospective student, there is no excuse for not giving 121Spanish a try!

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