Three Excellent Resources to Help Prepare for the AP World History Exam

The AP exam on World History is separated into two different sections and four different parts. The first section includes 55 questions that are multiple choice questions and you will have 55 minutes to complete the test – this section makes up 40{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of your AP exam on World History score. The second portion of the AP exam on World History will be comprised of four questions with short answers, and you will have 50 minutes to complete this section that will stand for 20{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of your exam score.

The third portion of the test will be 1 question that will be based on a document and you will have 55 minutes to complete the test – this will make up 25{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of your AP exam World History score. The fourth and final section of the exam is single, 35-minute essay – and it will make up 15{a70958bd033c524e1db83b3cecb2b85e46d98e198e4feb5c476b4df3db2f68bc} of the exam score.

Three resources

There are three excellent AP study books for a better score. You can find them at almost any bookstore as well as online.


The first book is Traditions & Encounters which is a global perspective of history and is the book that is an excellent textbook on AP US History to use in preparing for the exam. This is possibly the most difficult history AP test and because of that, there are many book review resources that can help.


The Review’s AP World History book by Princeton is an outstanding prep book for you to begin with. The reviews from many different booksellers are strong, especially for this year’s edition. Included in this book are five new full-length practice tests, which will allow you to measure your test-taking skills.


Barron’s AP History of the World test prep book review is a massive AP History review book and is a very all-inclusive review book for anyone that is taking the AP exam on the History of the World. Take your time in reading this book and it will take a lot of time to read. It is recommended to take at least 4-5 weeks at a minimum using this book for preparation. The newer test format will be outlined in this book, which will be important to score a 5 on the test.

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