Short Video Is Better For Summarizing a Complex Topic

Because on-line search databases normally contain only one line of an abstract, it is vital to add a short video to better summarize any topic that is complex. This short explainer video, when made interesting will entice readers into reading the complete copy of your full paper. Here it will be described how to summarize a topic that is complex with a short video content.

For students

The use of one-line databases of research is widespread, so currently writing a good abstract has now become even more important that it was 10 years ago. But lately, short video summarizing the topic now serves the purpose of “selling” your work. It often now takes the place of an abstract by simply showing the reader what is in the rest of the attached paper. Even better a good short video convinces the reader to leave the comfort of the office to go and hunt down a copy of the entire article but only if the short video has been made interesting enough. This is vital for the students to learn how to do.

Short video

The fact that an abstract is rather brief, it needs to do almost all the work of convincing the reader that the multi-page paper will be interesting for many to read. Now, with the short video comes a better way of replacing what the abstract has always been doing. If you have written a good abstract it will be even easier to convert into a short video. This is more and more being done at some college and university.

Replacing written abstract

Abstracts have always assisted the role of “selling” your work. But currently, that “selling” of your work needs to be replaced by many with a good video abstract. And videos or becoming easier and easier for almost anyone to do. If you want to sell your work or make it stand out, the short video is beginning to be the way to do it.


Writing an abstract that is effective abstract is often hard work and it should compensate you by amplifying the impression on the world by alluring people to read your publications. Now it looks as if the short video can do this much better and you will have more people reading your publication. It is time for such a change as it is a better way to show a complex topic, and it will also surprise your readers. Nothing entices better than surprise.

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