The Reasons behind IPC Design Training and Certification!

Certified Interconnect Designer

The full form of IPC is Institute for Printed Circuits. It has been providing design training and certification since 1957. IPC Design Training and Certification is for standardization in the electronics industry. It deals with printed board and printed board assemblies materials and processes. IPC standards and the of course the design.

The Need Fulfillment:

The basic needs of electronics manufacturing industry are interconnection, electronic circuits, assemblies. The IPC designer certification is the certification of engineers and technical professionals. It is to make them Certified Interconnect Designer called as CID and CID+.

Contribution in Electronics Industry:

The electronics manufacturing professionals need the training to meet the standards. These technical standards are necessary for good performance worldwide. It is because we are in the era of state of the art technology and globalization. These standards influence the reliability, producibility and serviceability of the products.

Importance of Correct Procedure:

Following correct procedure for any training program is the most important. IPC design training and certification has the first step of data transfer. Then is documentation of electronic product by law. It then takes the preparation of base materials for printed boards. The next comes is the qualification and acceptability of printed boards. Identifying the requirements for soldered electronic assemblies comes next. It is followed by the acceptability of electronic assemblies. Assembling cable and wire harness assemblies come then. The final step is of manufacturing, testing, and inspection.

Regular Updates:

Regular updates are important in every industry. The participation in statistical programs is possible during and after IPC design training. Electronics Manufacturing Services, Printed Circuit Board, solder process consumables, laminate, assembly equipment segments. These updates are of great help.

Reports for EMS and PSB Segments:

EMS and PCB annual reports are comprehensive as they cover market size and sales growth. The reports provide clarity for product type, product mix, and revenue trends. These give clarity on value-added services, total production forecasts, material trends & financial metrics.

Growth-Targeted Data:

The data is growth-oriented and latest. Technology always demands a lot of performance. The performance can be better if the information one has is up to the mark. Finally, the masses are connected with the help of the products.

Experience with Education:

This program provides a professional training program with a certificate for work exposure. This work exposure is counted as industry experience. So, it is a double advantage that one learns the usage of PCB. Using PCB for mechanical support requires practice. The electrical connect of electronic components needs a lot of practical training.

All Engineering Departments:

IPC Design Training and Certification is available for students as well as professionals. The certified training by the board for PCB, EMS etc is given to all the engineering departments. Sales, R&D, Purchasing, Quality & Test are covered during training.

Coverage of Industry Standards:

The standards of the industry are universal and industry-oriented. They are not only related to a company or a set of companies but they cover the entire industry worldwide. The Certified Interconnect Designer and CID+ are well trained on all the guidelines. Thus, the coverage goes result-oriented.

The Globalization of Standards

IPC has a global standard. It’s accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Developing Organization. This ensures the authenticity of the training program. IPC design in the technical education of designers is worthwhile. The certificate provided by them does have universal acceptance.


Most training programs and the standards are to provide safety. The safety of the products is a major concern as many people would use it. In order to keep everybody safe, its crucial to be IPC trained and Certified.

IPC design, training and certification is a popular concept in electronics. It has been working for long. Its standards are globally accepted and respected. The reasons mentioned above support training and certification. It would definitely ensure the quality in the electronics manufacturing industry. We all know that this industry will remain active forever.

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