Time Management for Board Examination

“Time and Tide wait for none.” One cannot go back in time and change it, thus effective utilization of time inevitably generates a positive result in every walk of life. With a schedule of classes packed with difficulties along with their homework and extracurricular activities, it is really difficult to schedule time. Time management can be the best thing in order to have a disciplined life. Thus if one wants to score well in an examination without any stress or exam fear, it is mandatory to schedule time.

Here are some important points to consider while creating a proper time management for board examination.

(i) Set small targets:

The syllabus for the examination is so broad that it is really difficult to study all things without any stress. To cope up with this kind of stress, one shall always focus on small achievable targets. Breaking the enormous syllabus into small fragments can be completed on a particular date to avoid all the hassles.

(ii) Make a strategic plan:

While making the time-management plan, the first thing to do is to write down the daily activities on a piece of paper, describing each activity which has to be carried out on each day. Cut down all those things which have no relation to your studies. Once if you are done with your syllabus, then go through different reference book in order to have more confidence. Topics like Differentiation, Vectors, etc. which are really tough and important in an examination can be studied through different side books to practice more and understand all the complex concepts.

(iii) Give time for rest as well:

It is really important to take small breaks in between the studies. Humans cannot work similar to machines. Both our body and mind requires rest for a while. Thus try making a timetable in such a manner that you take 15 -20 minutes break after the study of 3-4 hr.

(iv) Weekly review:

From the beginning of the time-management, maintain a separate sheet for review in order to check your progress, focus on weak areas,  check if the time spent in additional activities and implementation of time-schedule is proper or not. Make weekly changes if possible. Such steps would increase your level of confidence and definitely would give positive results.
Make sure that you understand all the concepts, don’t just read through the material and try to memorize everything. Good understanding of the subject will help a student to understand even the difficult topics Faraday’s Law, Human DNA, and others.

All these steps would help you train your body and mind for making yourself completely ready for your board examination.

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