Tips on How to Write Effective Poetry

Good poems have lines that captivate. However, the same is true for bad ones too. In this day and age where the internet is prevalent, you will find a ton of bad ones around.

Poetry writing does not have to be hard. There are just some things that you would want to remember in order to avoid the pitfalls and come up with some spectacular poetry in the process. Read on to learn some tips that should improve your planning and your writing in the process.

The first draft should not be the final one

One of the simplest rules that a lot of writers tend to forget is that when writing, they do tend to write down whatever comes to mind or whatever inspired them at the moment, but not fixing it is not a good idea. It is important to remember that a poem in the first draft is likely incomplete. This is why it has to be fixed. Most of the time, it will require some planning even in order for it to become the best version of poetry it could be. So, always go back and re-read your first draft to decide which specific direction you are going to take your writing.

Tell a story

In the past, poems were the main format for telling a story. They could be ballads that sing about tragedies or epics that detail the adventures of characters from some far-flung land. Regardless of the type of format, story-telling is a very powerful art. This is why it makes it easier to read a poem when it tells a story. Also, remember that readers do tend to have a rather short attention span. So, try to make your narrative short while making sure that your theme is properly expressed.

Write with meaning

There are times when poets have something that they want to say. These are the kinds of poems that readers are likely to remember the most. Poets that have substance will make readers stop and think about the theme and the topic. To make sure that you get to write something that will have meaning, make sure to write about something that you know. It could be a political view. It could be your life experience. Putting your perspective to it gives it meaning.

Know about the different formats

Poems tend to come in varying forms and shapes. There are some that will rhyme. There are those that are written in free-verse. The most common poems that people tend to write through are the lyrical ones and a lot of people tend to go for the rhyme scheme too. However, it can be misused a lot of times. Always remember that there is more to lyrical poems than just rhyming the words. There are rhythms, beats, assonance alliterations, as well as iambic parameters that you must consider.

Most poets today though go for the free-verse types. They tend to be easier to write. Of course, they do have specific rules just like any poetic format. So make sure to consider these formats when creating your own free-verse poetry.

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